the club

Prairie Pathfinders love to walk – whether it’s weekly walks in Winnipeg or hikes that take us far afield.  We love the fresh air, we love exploring, and we treasure the new and old friends who share our journeys.

We have urban walks from April through September on Wednesday evenings. These walks are in different parts of the city and many are routes from our book, Winnipeg Walks.

As well, we have a number of special ‘out-of- town’ day hikes  planned on the  weekends.  We explore some of the most scenic and out-of-the-way spots in Manitoba. These hikes are in the 8km range in length (usually about 2 hours of walking) at a pleasantly brisk pace. Many routes are from our guidebook ‘Hiking the Heartland’.

Note: All walks are ‘rain or shine’ Participants are expected to arrange their own transportation to all hikes. However with our ‘out-of-town’ hikes many share rides. You can either post a request for a ride or an offer to give rides on the pertinent Meetup Event Page. While a couple of our hikes are on provincial parks trails, most are not and they allow us to explore some truly secret scenic treasures.


Click here to check out our calendar of events – MeetUpScreen

Note – Most urban hikes are in the 5 – 7 km range and we walk at a fairly brisk pace but all hikes are accessible to the moderately fit adult.